About us

Founded in Denmark in 1968, now known internationally as experts in value investment.

Group description

The Sparinvest Group consists of the Luxembourg-based parent company Sparinvest Holdings SE and its wholly-owned subsidiaries Sparinvest S.A. in Luxembourg and the Danish branch ID-Sparinvest, Filial af Sparinvest S.A., Luxembourg.

Board of directors

Sparinvest Holdings SE

Michael Rasmussen

Chairman and CEO of Nykredit

Jan Skov

Dep. Chairman and Director of Sparekassen Danmark

Jan Pedersen

CEO of Danske Andelskassers Bank

Klaus Skjødt

CEO af Sparekassen Kronjylland

David Sander Hjortsø

Deputy Director at Nykredit, Wealth Legal & Tax

Pernille Sindby

Group Managing Director at Nykredit and Head of Nykredit Wealth Management

Henrik Rasmussen

Regional Director of Nykredit

Frank Mortensen

Dep. CEO of Arbejdernes Landsbank

Executive Management

Jørgen Søgaard-Andersen

Group CEO

Key dates

2019  Nykredit acquires 75% of Sparinvest Holdings SE
2014 The Danish management company ID-Sparinvest A/S merges with Sparinvest S.A., and with that becoming a country branch of the Luxembourgian subsidiary under the name ID-Sparinvest, Filial af Sparinvest S.A., Luxembourg.
2012 Integration of ESG risk factors into investment processes for all strategies – active and passive; bonds and equities. Signature of 'Heads of Agreement' with Haitong International. Creation of single Danish management company ID-Sparinvest A/S out of merger of: Sparinvest Fondsmæglerselskab A/S, ID-Sparinvest A/S and Sparinvest Group Services A/S.
2011 Relocation of headquarters from Denmark to Luxembourg and granting of UCITs IV asset manager status by Luxembourg CSSF. Signature of 'Value Alliance' with Brandes Investment Partners, US.
2009 Signature of United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment.
2005 Introduction of Sparinvest Value Bonds strategy.
2005 Began working with Ethix SRI Advisers on behalf of Institutional clients seeking Ethical screening.
2001 Establishment of a Luxembourg subsidiary to implement a pan-European strategy leading to distribution authorisation in 14 jurisdictions.
1999 Change from mutual fund structure to Asset Management Company.
1997 Implementation of proven long-term investment strategies – principally strategic asset allocation and value.
1996 Change of senior management and major investigation into investment academia.
1989 Group merges with PrivatInvest (now Nordea Invest) and de-merges one year later to maintain independence.
1968 Sparinvest is founded as mutual fund group by various Danish savings banks.